“C´est si bon”
BRCD-007 (2019)
Monique Thomas & Burich-l´Etienne New Orleans Ensemble

1. Basin Street Blues
2. On Time God
3. After You’ve Gone
4. St. Louis Blues
5. Bye and Bye
6. You’ve Changed
7. I’m On My Way To Canaan Land
8. I Know The Lord Will Make a Way
9. Exactly Like You
10. Just a Closer Walk With Thee
11. C’est si bon

Gumbo Pot
“Gumbo Pot”
VSR003 (2008)
Phil Parnell featuring Lillian Boutté

1. Cookin In A Gumbo Pot
2. Greasy Spoon
3. My Darlin New Orleans
4. Buddy Boldens Blues
5. Lately (Tryin´ To Get A Message To You)
6. Laissez Faire
7. Music Man
8. Take A Fools Advice
9. Bitchin In The Kitchen
10. Try One More Time
11. Party All My Troubles Away
12. Wish We Could Be There Today

LetThereBePeace coverfoto
“Let There Be Peace”
BRCD-006 (2006)
Lillian Boutté & Burich-l´Etienne New Orleans Ensemble

1. Jesus met the woman at the well
2. Yes God is real
3. This train
4. I’m going to live the life I sing about in my song
5. Highway to Heaven
6. Do you know my Jesus
7. Didn’t it rain
8. What a friend we have in Jesus
9. Bye and bye
10. Let there be peace

“Salee Dame”
BRCD-005 (2004)
Burich-l´Etienne New Orleans Ensemble

1. Wolverine Blues
2. Purple Rose Of Cairo
3. Mettez I Dehro
4. Sweet Substitute
5. Ti Bourrique Assez La Vou
6. Gloria´s Kitchen
7. Creole Tears (for Lillian)
8. Salee Dame
9. Petite Fleur
10. Pani Tou Mon
11. High Society
12. Don´t You Leave Me Here/Get The Bucket
13. Asi Pare
14. Savoy Blues
15. Milenburg Joys

He Touched Me coverfoto
“He Touched Me”
BRCD-004 (2002)
Lillian Boutté & Burich-l´Etienne New Orleans Ensemble

1. I´ll Fly Away
2. It Don´t Cost Very Much
3. At The Cross
4. Somebody Bigger Than You And I
5. The Storm Is Passing Over
6. Lead Me Guide Me
7. Up Above My Head
8. Come Sunday
9. Right Now I Feel Alright
10. He Looked Beyond My Faults
11. Hold On
12. He Touched Me
13. Didn´t It Rain
14. Our Father

CD swingin
“Swingin´With Finn”
BRCD-003 (1999)
Finn Burich International New Orleans Jazzband

1. Exactly Like You
2. Ciribiribin
3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
4. The World Is Waiting
5. Nuages
6. Eh, La Bas
7. Amapola
8. Ice Cream
9. All That I Ask Is Love
10. I Want To Be Happy
11. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
12. Swingin´ With Finn

CD Hard Times
“Hard Times”
BRCD-002 (1998)
Finn Burich International New Orleans Jazzband

1. Hard Times
2. Sonny Boy
3. Lord, We Come Before You Now
4. Clarinet Marmelade
5. With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
6. Near You
7. Careless Love
8. Bugle Boy March
9. Time After Time
10. Move Your Body Over
11. Blues For Cap´t
12. Dear Lord Forgive
13. It Feels So Good

CD Live In DK
“Live In Denmark”
BRCD-001 (1997)
Finn Burich International New Orleans Jazzband

1. Hindustan
2. I Couldn´t Hear Nobody Pray
3. I Need The Every Hour
4. Chinatown My Chinatown
5. I Cover The Waterfront
6. Over The Waves
7. P.S. I Love You
8. Is It True What They Say About Dixie
9. Siboney
10. God Will Take Care Of You
11. Second Line/Bourbon Street Parade
12. We´ll Meet Again